“Let’s sow the good seeds of Arabic from baby age!

Let’s learn, LIVE, and love the language!”

Emilie, Founder.

Are you…

…struggling to find adapted, meaningful, engaging and High-Quality Arabic Teaching Resources for your Kids or Students?

…tired of buying resources claiming to be “for Arabic learners” whereas they are without the Arabic vowels or with grammatical and spelling mistakes in the Arabic text?

…feeling stuck, demotivated?…feeling that you can’t move towards the Arabic fluency with your kids?

…finding it difficult to make Arabic a loved and family language at home?

I feel you!

1. How I started my Arabic learning journey, leading to Arabic Seeds ?

I started to raise my child in two languages a few years ago when I was in France – in French (my mother tongue) & in Arabic (while I was self-learning it).
In 2010, I started to learn Arabic by myself, little by little: reading (it was actually the easiest part to learn), writing, and then grammar. But the language was “staying” in my learning books and textbooks. Since I was not using it in my life, I started to feel the difficulties coming more and more, forgetting my lists of vocabulary and grammar rules…
A couple of years later, I discovered an Arabic teaching method using audios and dialogues, named “Arabic at your hands” (“al arabiyyatu bayna yadayk”). I also started to integrate Arabic in my daily life with my baby: speaking, listening, reading, playing in Arabic! (Note: when I say “speaking”, we actually speak Arabic, not a regional dialect). All of that boosted my learning and I really started to acquire the language fluently! And this is what is actually recommended by language experts: to acquire a language, we should stimulate the 4 language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing).

2. Why I started Arabic Seeds ?

I started Arabic Seeds to encourage you (parents, homeschoolers, teachers) to use Arabic as a LIVING language, not a dead-language that is only written and read and kept in textbooks.
At home, I really recommend you to integrate it in your daily life with your family, that’s the best way to acquire it. You can read more about my experience and get tips in the Arabic Seeds’ Parent Guide and on the Blog for Parents & Teachers (also featuring helpful guest posts!).
With the help of my partner and trustworthy Arabic proofreader, we started to create our own Arabic resources, available on the shop.We want learners to LIVE and LOVE the language and we follow strict criteria in order to provide you with high-quality resources(read more details below).

3. Why you should choose our Resources ?

A QUALITY GUARANTEE by our own STRICT CRITERIA, based on our experiences as non-native Arabic speaker, Arabic Teacher and parents :    

  • Carefully PROOFREAD resources! (We find spelling and grammatical mistakes in too many Arabic resources for children! That’s really sad and that’s why this point is very important for us)
  • VOWELS (“harakaat”) in the Arabic text: essential for beginner readers and non-native speakers!
  • INSPIRED BY Kids & Daily Life so learners can re-use what they learn in their own life and acquire the language!
  • We add other special features in more and more of our resources: videos, translation, pronunciation record, higher spacing between Arabic letters, online Arabic learning Games (upcoming!)
  • We now hand-drawn our own illustrations and we design our resources with a professional design software to give you the best quality!


  • AFFORDABLE: we can set lower prices (compared to physical products) for you, so you get more and learn more.
  • ACCESSIBLE: we can easily reach you even if you live far away. We spread Arabic around the globe.
  • DURABLE: you can save and keep the files you get for your whole life.
  • GENEROUS: you can print the same file for all your kids in your home or for all your students in your class.

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