We thank all the teachers, homeschoolers and parents from around the world who are supporting our project and joining us to spread the good Arabic seeds!

February 2020:

Read Arabic Seeds’ founder interview by Allemni about her Arabic learning journey and her tips for parents who want to raise their children in Arabic.

Arabic Seeds learning and practicing Arabic in daily life

January 2020:

By Mama Teaches Me: “Are you looking to teach your children Arabic at home as non-native Arabic speakers and not sure what to purchase or where to start? I’ve had the same trouble myself. That’s when I discovered Arabic Seeds!
Now luckily for me I WON a year’s subscription to Arabic Seeds membership in an online giveaway – it was the best prize ever! It was only then that I got to see first hand what Arabic Seeds is all about. The membership gave me access to so many Arabic Resources perfect for my children! With unit studies, fun activities and even videos to hear the language, I could feel this business started with a real sense of passion and love for the Arabic Language. But rather than just  hearing my thoughts on the membership, I wanted the founder herself to show you her passion for the Arabic Language which encouraged her to start her journey to creating Arabic Seeds, so I interviewed her! Here’s what she had to say”

October 2017:

The inspiring homeschooling mum behind “Multicultural Motherhood” wrote an amazing detailed review about our Fall bundle. Discover more about what’s inside the bundle and what activities and games you can do! Get outside and practice Arabic! arabic seeds activities 

March 2017:

The Mumpreneur behind “A little Muslim Shoppe” , who is also one of our happy customers, introduced Arabic Seeds in a post featuring small businesses: “[…] They sell really great printables for those learning Arabic or looking for Arabic things to teach their little ones the language. What I LOVE about them, besides how wonderfully kind they are, is that ALL of the Arabic used has the harakaat. This is so important to a new reader and most books usually don’t have it! As a bonus, her printables are very affordable AND they’re constantly adding more and more content. Please check this small business out and remember to support small businesses!”

December 2016: 

Students of Future Leaders Academy in UK are co-reading our Fall Treasures’ Story in this video. They used the resources included in our Fall-themed Bundle to make their Autumn project.

Autumn Arabic project by Future Leaders Academy
Autumn Arabic project by Future Leaders Academy