Arabic Winter freebie and DIY snowglobe

Arabic Winter Freebie & DIY Snowglobe

“Learning the Arabic language does not have to be hard or boring. It can be interactive, hands on and relatable to children.” In January, I collaborated with the mums behind “The Muslimah Guide” to explain how to make an easy snow globe with your kids and to offer you a related Arabic Winter freebie (English translation […]

how to teach Arabic to children the right way - guest post - Arabic Seeds

How to Teach Arabic to children the right way [guest post]

Today, I am glad to welcome a special guest on our blog: Ohood Al-Omar, director of Al-Kawthar Learning Center, particularly providing Arabic immersion programs for children in USA (Orange county). In this article, she speaks about the challenges of teaching Arabic and the right solutions to effectively teach this language to children. It is aimed at parents, educators and […]


Fall themed Arabic Unit for Kids – Play based & Practice of the 4 Language Skills

! مَرْحَباً In this blog-post, I am glad to suggest you a Fall-themed Unit plan based on: our 4 Fall-themed resources (mentioned in the post in orange) playful, creative and enjoyable activities, meaningful context and repetitions,  activities suitable for all kinds of learners: kinesthetic (physical), auditory, oral and visual. and the practice of the 4 skills of the language: reading, writing, listening, speaking. I already […]

DIY Eid Banner in Arabic with your kids - Arabic Seeds

DIY Eid Banner in Arabic with your Kids

! مَرْحَباً As a mother willing to pass Arabic on her child, I always try to find ways to integrate more Arabic in our daily life. Especially if you live in a non-Arabic country like us, your children are not exposed to the Arabic script in the streets, at the supermarket, on the cereals box etc…That’s why, we have to […]