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What is your Arabic teaching/learning approach? What is the objective of your resources?

We believe in a practicalwhole-language exposure’s approach from the early years. From baby age, children should be exposed to Arabic daily through play, talking to them in Arabic, rhymes, book read-alouds etc.  Then, once they are ready developmentally and Arabic is part of their life, reading and writing practices can be introduced (usually around 5-7 years old but each child is different).

This would be the ideal situation and we encourage you to do that, but we know that not everyone can achieve this ideal and we are here to help you get closer to it:

We design our resources to help you incorporate Arabic in your children/students’ life, make them live and love Arabic (we are more about “meaningful, living” learning than “fun” learning), and make them practice the 4 essential language skills (listening, speaking, then reading, and writing) through themes inspired by kids and real life.

Our resources does not include Arabic grammar lessons, but they expose young children to the whole language (which includes grammar structures, full sentences and vocabulary) so that young learners feel confident and understand the language before they reach the age of “strict” grammar lessons.

Also read more tips in our Parents Guide.

What is the recommended age/level?

We suggest that our resources are most suitable for beginner children from 3 to 8 years old. Our resources may be suitable for older beginner children as well (we have had parents using them for their 10 years old child).

Of course, the use of our resources should be adapted to each child’ abilities and level. 

For instance, a 3 year-old won’t be requested to read our books or other texts, or write sentences, but the teaching will be done through read-alouds of our books by the parent/teacher, playing with our flashcards and talking, watching our short videos (listen & repeat), tracing/colouring letters and words (simple worksheets), and integrating what has been learned in real-life. Later on, the teacher/parent can go back to the same resources when the child is older in order to review what has been learned and to involve him/her in more challenging activities.

What if I am a non-native speaking parent? What language abilities are required on my part in order to use your resources?

Arabic Seeds has been founded by a non-native speaker who knows the struggles of finding adapted resources and of learning Arabic as an adult. That’s why, we create resources with special features for non-native speakers:

  • easy-to-read Arabic font and more space between letters,
  • all the needed Arabic “vowels”,
  • English translation,
  • audios and read-aloud videos (especially found in the membership) of our printables,
  • vocabulary and simple sentences that can re-used when speaking in real life.

However, we recommend that you, at least, know how to read and write in Arabic as well as some basic grammar.

If you need help when using a resource, contact us and we will be happy to help! Members get priority support.

Do you only offer Arabic-only resources? Or do you also provide translations?

We offer most of our printables in 2 versions: Arabic-only and Arabic-English. Except for the “My first words” House Book which is in Arabic-only since each word is related to one illustration. The Animal book also has the English translation separated from the Arabic.

TIP: You can use both versions if you want. For example, if you are a non-native speaker, you can print the Arabic-only version for your children and keep the Arabic-English version as a reference when you need to check out the meaning of a word or sentence.

Our videos are in Arabic-only since we want the learner to focus on listening to the Arabic and on trying to speak it out.

Can I use only ONE Membership subscription for all the children in my family?

Yes, one membership subscription can be used for all your children.

Can I use only ONE Membership subscription for my Arabic Playgroup, Homeschool Group, or Classroom?

Yes, you need only one subscription for your Arabic playgroup, Homeschool group or Classroom.

You can print a resource several times for all the children in that group or for all the students in your class. And you can let them watch our videos as well.

However, we do request that you don’t email or share the files of our resources with other parents or teachers. Please refer them to our website instead. You can read more in our Terms of Use and Copyrights.

Am I obligated to follow the order of your Themed Units?

Since our units are themes-based (and not based on a linear approach), you can use them in the order you want.

Do your videos (or membership content in general) contain any Ads or music?

Our website/content do not contain any Ads and music. We also filter and manually approve any comment posted in our pages, so that our website’s content is safe for your children.

Do I need a PayPal Account to subscribe? Can I pay via email, money order or cash?

We use PayPal to secure the payments but you don’t need a PayPal Account to pay. You can pay with a Bank Card or with a PayPal Account.

Unfortunately, for the protection of your financial information, we only accept online purchases through our secure payment system.  We’re unable to accept cash or any payment information via email.

If you need any assistance during the checkout process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Will I receive physical products in the mail?

Our resources are all digital. You won’t receive a physical product.

Can I use your website on different electronic devices? Can I watch your videos on my TV?

Our website is mobile-responsive and can be used with all kinds of devices.

However, with all the content displayed, we recommend you to use our website on a desktop/laptop in order for you to better see the organization of the content.

The size of our videos will adapt to the size of your screen and you can click on the Full Screen option in the video player as well. We didn’t tested it ourselves but a member reported to us that they watch our videos on their TV screen.

What if I have a technical issue with your website?

Please contact us here or send us a private message on social media and we will be happy to help you! If you can send us a screenshot of the issue with your message, it will ease us.


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