6 Fall Arabic Reading Puzzles


Practice Arabic reading with your kids/students via these colorful Fall-themed printable puzzles! Transform Arabic reading practice into an enjoyable exercise!

You can adapt the puzzles according to the level of the children.

Read more details below:

What’s inside:

  • 1 file:  4 pages, A4 sized, PDF format, including 6 reading puzzles (2 puzzles per A4)

Suggested InstructionsPrint, laminate for further use (optional but recommended) and cut.

You have various ways to cut and use these puzzles according to the level of the children:

1. Easier level: as shown with the mushroom puzzle, cut vertically only so each part of the illustration and its letter go together.

2. More challenging for the little reader, as shown with the green boot, cut vertically AND horizontally so the parts of the illustration are separated as well as the letters of the word.

Fall Arabic printable puzzles - reading - Arabic Seeds

3. Even more challenging for advanced kids, you can cut all the illustrations and letters, mix them and tell them to find all the words and relevant illustrations.

reading exercise in Arabic with fun games


Features adapted to non-native speakers and beginners:

  • easy-to-read Arabic Font
  • all the vowels in the Arabic Text
  • carefully proofread
  • practicable in real life in order to effectively acquire the language.


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