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Nature Park Arabic Vocabulary & Reading Set


 We have been inspired by children’s Nature/Park joys to create this interactive resource and illustrate it (hand-drawn items illustrated by us). Your kids/students will enjoy practicing their reading skills and learning a meaningful vocabulary they can reuse in their own life.

  • from preschool age; adapted to non-native speakers and beginner readers
  • Suggestions: you can make an interactive reading board with the labels to attach (see additional pictures of our physical version), you can also make a banner with the landscape illustrations and use the vocabulary check list to do a Nature hunt at the park!

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What’s inside:

1 PDF File including 8 pages (letter sized):

  • 1 Cover with the Arabic Sentence “Let’s go to the park!”
  • 3 Park Landscapes including 3 Arabic basic Sentences (“I play in the playground”, “I explore at the pond”, “I enjoy (my time) in the park”)
  • 2 pages of Arabic Vocabulary Check List (24 Arabic Words; topics: park, playground, small animals, nature)
  • 1 page of Arabic Vocabulary Labels (24 labels), color-coded labels according to the color of the landscape page they belong to.
  • 1 page with Term of Use and English translation of the 4 short sentences for non-native speakers.


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