Fall themed Bundle – Arabic only & Ar./English

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Make your kids/students practice the 4 skills of the language with these colorful Autumn resources – hand-drawn by our illustrator!

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and playing in Arabic!

You can practice what you learnt from these printables in the real life so children acquire effectively the language!

Here is a blogpost where we suggest you an Arabic Fall Unit built with these 4 resources (playful and based on the practice of the four language skills).

*This is a downloadable product  

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What’s inside:

  • the 4 Resources’ files in Arabic-English:

1. 6 Fall-themed Arabic reading puzzles; read more here

2. 6 Fall-themed Arabic Worksheets (writing and letters recognition); read more here

3. “Fall colors and Elements” flashcards, silhouettes and games’ suggestions; read more here

4.  “Fall’s treasures” Arabic Story, Treasures Hunt list and its forest illustration; read more here

  • the same 4 files but in Arabic-only, included for free.

Features adapted to non-native speakers and beginners:

  • easy-to-read Arabic Font
  • all the vowels in the Arabic Text
  • carefully proofread
  • translation available
  • practicable in real life in order to effectively acquire the language.


2 reviews for Fall themed Bundle – Arabic only & Ar./English

  1. I just had a chance to use the fall packet with my daughter and again I’m so grateful to you for developing these resources. The simplicity of it is so wonderful and the flashcards and writing activities just keep things interesting. I have just started to go through the Tarkeasy resource and can’t wait to implement it. I can’t wait for your future resources. Thank you again!

    • You’re very welcome Rania!
      And thank you so much for your precious feedback and encouragements!
      We have plenty of ideas to transform into Arabic resources, we will publish them as soon as we design them!
      Little Arabic learners deserve meaningful, enjoyable and hands on resources!

  2. بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

    Alhamdulillaah, I was one of the winners of a giveaway hosted by and won this pack of printables.

    What I love about it: not only are these printables useful, it just feels like they are made with care. From the cute illustrations to the stories/games, everything is easy to grasp and easy to explain. (Especially the Arabic-English pack, if you’re a non-native speaker).

    A lovely way to teach your child the Arabic language. Highly recommended ^^

    • Thank you so much Umm Aisha for your review!

      We are glad to hear that you loved it and that you find it beneficial at the same time!

      Have a good learning with your kids!

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