Opposites in Arabic – Book PDF & Record


Get this Book and its Record to learn opposites and basic sentences in Arabic!

Children will enjoy the colorful illustrations, hand-drawn by us!

Through this resource, they are exposed to daily life vocabulary and basic sentences for a meaningful and effective learning!

The pronunciation record (mp4 video) is aimed at providing the right pronunciation to non-native speakers!


Watch a sample and read more details below:

 Watch a sample of the video:

What’s inside:

  • file 1: Book PDF (printable); 15 pages
  • file 2: Pronunciation Record (Video, format mp4); 1 min 05


Features adapted to non-native speakers and beginners:

  • easy-to-read Arabic Font
  • all the vowels in the Arabic Text
  • clear voice with excellent pronunciation
  • carefully proofread
  • practicable in real life in order to effectively acquire the language.

3 reviews for Opposites in Arabic – Book PDF & Record

  1. Alhamdulillah Arabic Seed learning resource “kitabu adhdaadi” make learning Arabic fun way to practice “jumlah ismiyyah” and position of kalimah (words) like mubtada, khobar and sifat maushuf.

  2. Very cute little book, simple and well designed. Definitely a great resource for learning Arabic!

    • Thank you Katlin!
      We are glad to hear that!

  3. Very cute mini book. We’ve added it to our resources for arabic learning. Insha Allah it’ll increase our Arabic. I love that it’s a small book, so when printed it’s not HUGE.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback dear Mariam!

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