Arabic Poster “My Behavior is good”-Social Rules (translation included)


A colorful Arabic Poster regarding behavior with others and the world around us! Great to learn important Arabic vocabulary and sentences!

  • letter sized (8.5 inches x 11 inches ; 21,6 cm x 27,9 cm)
  • from Preschool age
  • English translation included for non-native speakers. Look at the second picture to read the rules in English.

Idea: you can use it with a reward chart!

Contact us if you would like to order this resource as a physical product (printed on cardstock and laminated). We can make it for you.


1 review for Arabic Poster “My Behavior is good”-Social Rules (translation included)

  1. (verified owner)

    I put this up on our wall. To be honest, I really haven’t read this out loud much (only once); BUT I think the more Arabic posted around the house the better. We live in an English speaking country, so the more Arabic my child sees will help it become more natural. In schools they have posters all over the place and when children glance at them, even if they aren’t actually reading it, it is entering their brain. Right?! 😉 haha But really, it’s a great poster. Maybe you can make more posters in the future?!

    • You are so right! Exposing your children to Arabic as much as you can at home is one of the best way to encourage learning!
      I personally used it for copying Arabic sentences with my child, that could be an idea for you as well.
      And yes! I hope to be able to create more posters!
      Thank you so much for your review and support, Kelly!

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