10 Bookmarks with Arabic or Arabic/English Quotes


Get these beautiful printable Bookmarks or labels with Arabic Quotes for all the family!

At Arabic Seeds, we believe that the exposition to Arabic through daily life objects is a way to infuse the love of this language and to improve its learning.

*You can also get these printable bookmarks for FREE with your first order of any other product (coupon sent by email after your order)*

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What’s inside:

2 PDF files (5 pages each) with 2 sets of 10 bookmarks each:

1. 1 set in Arabic-only and 1 set in Arabic/English.

2. 1 set in Arabic-only and 1 set in Arabic/French

Various quotes in Arabic; their English translation:

  • “I read, I travel”
  • “I read, I learn”
  • “My book, my friend
  • “The book is the best companion to sit with”
  • “I read, I enjoy”


Print them on a card stock or print them on a paper sheet and then laminate them.

Ideas of use:

You can use them as bookmarks and also as labels or decorations for your bookshelf.

3 reviews for 10 Bookmarks with Arabic or Arabic/English Quotes

  1. (verified owner)

    السلام عليكم, I received these bookmarks after my first purchase and ما شاء الله and جزاك الله خير ukhtie for the beautiful gift. May Allah bless you.

    Umm Saalim from MaryamCreative

    • wa 3alaykum salamu wa rahmatullah! Thank you very much! Our pleasure!

  2. (verified owner)

    I received this after I purchased my first order here. It was a complete surprise & I was happy! They are cute and of course in Arabic!! Thank you! My favorite is “I read I learn”.

    • I am so glad to hear that you loved the surprise 😉

  3. The homeschooling mum behind “A little Muslim Shoppe” gave 5 stars to our bookmarks.
    Here is what she said on her Instagram account @alittlemuslimshoppe :
    ” I love these bookmarks from @arabicseeds.
    I’ve also replaced our bookmarks in all of our homeschool curriculum books with yours that say “I read I learn.” I thought it was sooo appropriate. ”

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