Fall Colors & Elements – Flashcards & Games (Arabic-only & Ar./English)


Teach Fall-themed Arabic Colors and Elements with this enjoyable Arabic Resource for children! 

Colorful illustrations, hand-drawn by us!

– practicing Arabic listening & speaking skills,
– acquisition of Fall-themed vocabulary re-usable in real life,
– learning 4 Arabic colors with their masculine and feminine forms.

*This is a downloadable product  

Read more details below.

What’s inside:

  • file 1: version in Arabic-English : 10 pages, A4 sized, PDF format, including:

-1 page of suggested games: Memory game, Matching/Association games, Vocabulary Hunt.

-6 pages of flashcards (13 elements, 4 colors with their masculine and feminine forms)

-2 pages of silhouettes representing the 13 Autumn items

  • file 2: same version but in Arabic-only, included for free.

Features adapted to non-native speakers and beginners:

  • easy-to-read Arabic Font
  • all the vowels in the Arabic Text
  • carefully proofread
  • translation available
  • practicable in real life in order to effectively acquire the language.

Suggested instructions: Print and laminate for further use (optional but recommended).


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