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Five Senses at the Beach – Arabic Printable Book


In this engaging book written in the first person, your kids/students learn essential Arabic vocabulary and verbs, and are exposed to full Arabic sentences they can reuse in their real life. It is based on two enjoyable topics (the beach and the fives senses) as well as our own colorful illustrations that will motivate children.

At the end of the book,  a short rhyme about the five senses is also included with a lovely conclusion “I am thankful for my five senses!”

Arabic Seeds Objectives:

– to help parents, homeschoolers, non-native speakers and teachers make Arabic a loved, living and meaningful language for their families/children/students.

-to teach Arabic vocabulary and sentences that can be re-used in real life situations so that learners can practice and acquire the language.

-to expose learners to the whole language, avoiding cookie-cut language and dry lists of vocabulary.

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DIGITAL Product Details:

  • After checkout, you will receive 2 Printable PDF files of 9 pages each (US-letter size.): 1 version in Arabic only, 1 version in Arabic/English.
  • Each page of the story is half a US-letter sheet, so the story is 14 pages long (+covers).
  • Please respect our hard work: when you purchase this product, you agree to respect our Terms of Use and Copyrights.

Designed with non-native speakers in mind:

  • clear, regular, easy-to-read Arabic font
  • all the needed “vowels” (harakat”) in the Arabic text.
  • English translation
  • Sentences and vocabulary that can be re-used in real life. Read, repeat, practice and speak it!
  • Repetition of Arabic key words/structures throughout the resource.
  • NOTE: Members also get access to the read-aloud video of this book to help them with pronunciation and make them practice their listening and speaking skills. Read more details about our great membership offer here: Become a Member



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