House Worksheets – Words & Plurals – Arabic only & Ar./English


Words writing and reading, Singular-Plural matching, Cut & Paste, Crosswords, and Coloring are included in these House-themed worksheets!

Your children/students will enjoy learning via daily-life words and attractive illustrations!

Read more details below:

What’s inside:

  • file 1: version in Arabic-English : 18 pages, A4 sized, PDF format.
  • file 2: same version but in Arabic-only, included for free.

Summary of the Worksheets:

p.1-4: 4 Words Worksheets «House»,«Door»,«Cup»,«Book»
p.5  Plurals of the 4 previous words
p.6 Coloring (child bedroom)
p.7 -10: 4 Words Worksheets «Pencil», «Plate», «Bed», «Curtain»
p.11 Plurals of the 4 previous words
p.12 Cut and Paste about the 8 previous plurals
p.13 Crosswords
p.14 Crosswords Help and Solution
p.15 Plural labels to cut for page 12.

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