Introducing myself – Arabic Worksheets (Arabic/English & Arabic-only)


Do you want your Kids/Students to read, write and speak Arabic through an engaging topic?
We created for you these worksheets accompanied by our free enjoyable short story!

Indeed, the worksheets are based on the topic “introducing myself in Arabic” and the key words of our kitten story 1 «Nashoot meets Bannoon» (included).

Read more details below:

What’s inside (4 files):

  • the free Arabic Story 1 “Nashoot meets Bannoon”: 7 pages, PDF, A4 size (2 pages of the story per A4). = 2 files: 1 Arabic-English version + 1 Arabic-only version

We recommend you firstly read this story in order to give a meaningful and enjoyable context to the worksheets.

  • the Arabic Worksheets “introducing myself”: 19 pages, PDF, A4 size. = 2 files: 1 Arabic-English version + 1 Arabic-only version

What is covered:

  • Questions/Answers: What’s your name? How old are you? Do you like….? How are you? Are you ok?
  • Arabic Letters recognition and reading/writing
  • first Numbers
  • daily life vocabulary (related to the Arabic Story 1)
  • Answer by “yes” or “no” in Arabic.


Details about the Worksheets’ file:

p.1 Terms of Use & copyrights

p.2 Important Notes and Tips for the teacher/parents

p.3 Cover

p.4-18 15 pages Worksheets

p.19 Coloring Reward from the kitten “Nashoot”

2 reviews for Introducing myself – Arabic Worksheets (Arabic/English & Arabic-only)

  1. (verified owner)

    السلام عليكم ukhtie, great resource for beginners in Arabic language. Highly recommended. جزاك الله خير and may bless you and your work.

    Umm Saalim from MaryamCreative

    • wa 3alaykum salamu wa rahmatullahi Umm Saalim! Thank you so much for your review!

  2. Umm Nura, author and founder of Jannah Jewels, gives 5/5 to this resource and posted her on her Instagram account @holyunfolding :

    “I was given this beautiful package in the middle for review by the lovely sister at @arabicseeds […] We all really enjoyed this! This sister exudes joy for the Arabic language as a non-native speaker and @arabicseeds is a wonderful addition to our Arabic learning. ”

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