Arabic Seasons, Weather & Clothes - Display/DIY Bulletin Board - Arabic Seeds - Teaching Resources for kids (1)

Arabic Seasons & Weather – Displays/Bulletin Board – (with non-native speaker help Sheets)

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We included everything you need to make an interactive DIY Bulletin Board with this Resource (seasons and weather wheels, labels and relevant-weather clothes to add on a “friend”)!

  • from preschool age.
  • adapted to non-native speakers.
  • illustrations hand-drawn by us.


Read more details in the description below.

8 pages PDF:

The first 2-3 pages are for non-native speakers: English translation + Arabic sentences & Arabic questions/answers to say when using the resource with your kids! Using full sentences is so important to acquire the language (grammar rules particularly).

The 5 last pages are for the display in itself:
• Seasons Wheel
• Weather Wheel + temperature gradient
• Sheet for dressing up the friend for the weather & recapitulating the vocabulary with labels.
• 4 Friend’s outfits with weather-appropriate clothes (to put on the previous sheet)
• Labels for the vocabulary recap’ & Arrows for the wheels.

Make an interactive DIY bulletin board – Suggestions:

  • print, cut and laminate
  • attach the included arrows with a brad to make seasons and weather wheels
  • add velcros (or sticky dough) to the labels, the “friend” and the clothes.
  • You can display it on a wall or board, or you can assemble each sheet in a scrapbook or folder.

– integrating more Arabic at home or in the classroom
– naturally instilling the love for this language by showing kids/students that this a meaningful and daily-life language.
– teaching key vocabulary related to a real life topic.


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