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Arabic Seasons & Weather – Displays/Bulletin Board – (with non-native speaker help Sheets)


We included everything you need to make an interactive DIY Bulletin Board with this Resource (seasons and weather wheels, labels and relevant-weather clothes to add on a “friend”)!

  • from preschool age.
  • adapted to non-native speakers.
  • illustrations hand-drawn by us.


Read more details in the description below.

8 pages PDF:

The first 2-3 pages are for non-native speakers: English translation + Arabic sentences & Arabic questions/answers to say when using the resource with your kids! Using full sentences is so important to acquire the language (grammar rules particularly).

The 5 last pages are for the display in itself:
• Seasons Wheel
• Weather Wheel + temperature gradient
• Sheet for dressing up the friend for the weather & recapitulating the vocabulary with labels.
• 4 Friend’s outfits with weather-appropriate clothes (to put on the previous sheet)
• Labels for the vocabulary recap’ & Arrows for the wheels.

Make an interactive DIY bulletin board – Suggestions:

  • print, cut and laminate
  • attach the included arrows with a brad to make seasons and weather wheels
  • add velcros (or sticky dough) to the labels, the “friend” and the clothes.
  • You can display it on a wall or board, or you can assemble each sheet in a scrapbook or folder.

– integrating more Arabic at home or in the classroom
– naturally instilling the love for this language by showing kids/students that this a meaningful and daily-life language.
– teaching key vocabulary related to a real life topic.

2 reviews for Arabic Seasons & Weather – Displays/Bulletin Board – (with non-native speaker help Sheets)

  1. These are excellent resources to talk about weather! Arabic seeds has done a remarkable job in creating several weather and season options with a spinning wheel. The design in colorful and attractive. My 3 year old loves learning and applying it while we are outside, or even on cold, snowy days.
    If you cant seem to decide which resource to start with, choose this one. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your review and for your support!
      We are happy to hear that you and your child loved it!

  2. (verified owner)

    I put these up on our wall (temporarily laminated using a clear binder folder) & used velcro to attach the arrows, words, etc. (i laminated the smaller things with packing tape on both sides then trim excess). My son loves to change it, however the weather here doesn’t change much where we live (on a day to day basis), so we mostly just repeat the words everyday. Still love it!

    • Thank you for your feedback, Kelly!
      Happy to hear that your son loves it!
      Maybe you could just pretend that the weather changes 😉

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