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Space Arabic Flashcards – Words & Sentences


Your kids/students will enjoy these Arabic Space Flashcards and Sentence Strips! They are based on key-words of our printable Space-themed Arabic Story “Nashoot and Bannoon learn about the moon and the stars”.

Several activities are suggested to practice from words to sentences (2 levels) to expose learners to the whole language and make them acquire vocabulary, practice reading (for readers) and speak Arabic!

-from preschool age to primary school age: adapt the activities to the level of the learners thanks to our suggested activities

-12 pictures-words flashcards and 12 corresponding sentences strips in Arabic-only and in Arabic-English.

NOTE: Resource also included in our SPACE BUNDLE.

Please read more details below:

DIGITAL Product Details:

  • After checkout, you will receive a Printable PDF files of 11 pages (US-letter size.) including suggested activities, 12 pictures-words flashcards and 12 corresponding sentences strips in Arabic-only and in Arabic-English.
  • Please respect our hard work: when you purchase this product, you agree to respect our Terms of Use and Copyrights.

The Arabic Seeds‘ quality for you:

  • Arabic-only and Arabic/English versions included.
  • Worksheets based on key words from ourSpace themed  Arabic Story to give a meaningful and enjoyable context to your kids/students. Avoiding dry lists of vocabulary.
  • Arabic text with the vowels and more space between the Arabic letters.
  • Illustrated with our own hand-drawn illustrations and designed with a professional design software.

Suggestions on how to use these flashcards:

1st LEVEL:

– You can keep the picture and the text together in one flashcard or cut them out so you have one picture-card and one word-label.

Space Arabic Flashcard, Picture Word label

– You can print out the pictures-cards two times to make a memory game.

– For non-readers, you can keep the 2 parts together. Make them pick up each card and teach them the Arabic word, and play memory.

– If you choose to separate them (more challenging for readers), make learners pick up a word-label, read it and then find the corresponding picture-card. (or do it the

opposite way: pick up a picture-card then find the corresponding label).

2nd LEVEL:

– Read the sentences-labels (or make the readers read them) and make learners notice the connection between the sentences-labels and their corresponding word-labels and picture-labels.

– Transform this into a game by making learners put together the corresponding picture-cards, word-labels and sentence-labels.

Members advantages:

  • Resource included in UNIT 9
  • Access to Videos related to the printable to listen to the right pronunciation and speak Arabic.

Not a member? Read more about the membership subscription here.

Happy Arabic learning & teaching!


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