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Space Arabic Story Worksheets – Level 2 (Arabic only and ArEnglish)


Take your learners to the next level with these 9 worksheets, based on our space  story “Nashoot and Banoon learn about the moon and the stars“! NOTE: you will need this printable story to complete the worksheets.

They are packed with Arabic practices for learners for primary-school aged children who need more challenge in their Arabic learning, to practice comprehension and reading/writing of words and sentences. (see details about the exercises included below)

  • Adapted to non-native speakers: Arabic text with all the vowels, Answer Key provided and Arabic/English version offered.
  • Daily-life & meaningful texts, and illustrations to engage the learners.

NOTE: Resource also included in our SPACE BUNDLE.

Read more details in the description below.


• pages 1,2: Q&A about the Space story
• page 3: story WordSearch
• page 4: Connect the sentence to the right picture
• page 5: Unscramble the words from the story
• page 6: Rewrite the passage from the story in the correct order
• page 7: Cross out the wrong sentence
• page 8: Put the words in order to rewrite the sentences from the story
• page 9: Colouring reward!

NOTE: you will need the printable space story to complete the worksheets.

The Arabic Seeds‘ quality for you:

  • Arabic sentences that can be re-used in real life.
  • Arabic text with the vowels and more space between the Arabic letters.
  • 2 versions included in the printable PDF: Arabic-only & Arabic-English.
  • Illustrated with our own hand-drawn illustrations and designed with a professional design software.
  • The worksheets go with our other space resources to enhance the learning and acquire the language.

About each File (Arabic-only & Arabic/English):

  • 13-pages PDF (letter-sized),
  • 9 Worksheet Pages
  • Answer Key provided

Members advantages:

  • Resource included in UNIT 9
  • Access to Videos related to the unit printables to listen to the right pronunciation and speak Arabic.
  • Members can ask questions and ask us to correct their child work if needed.

Not a member? Read more about the membership subscription here.

Happy Arabic learning & teaching!


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