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TarkEasy – Get started with teaching Arabic Writing


TarkEasy, the easy way to teach “Ettarkeeb” (connecting letters)!

In “TarkEasy”, “Tark” stands for “Tarkeeb” meaning connecting letters in Arabic.

Use our innovative visual method, designed by our experienced Teacher, to teach Arabic Writing to beginners (kids or adults)!

TarkEasy contains flashcards and worksheets with a step-by-step demonstration of writing.

Teach your children/students how to connect letters and build their first words.

Read more details below:

No more need to learn the 3 forms of the letter (beginning, middle, end of the world). No more misunderstanding for beginners!

What’s inside:

  • TarkEasy; 1 pdf (56 pages): flashcards of the Arabic letters + 2 demonstration sheets + 18 worksheets 
  • Teaching Guidelines: 1 pdf (4 pages)

TarkEasy is a new revolutionary teaching tool for Arabic learners and the best method to improve their Arabic writing skills. The major advantage of TarkEasy remains in its simplicity since it shows learners the easiest way to attach letters in order to build their first Arabic words.

Furthermore, TarkEasy moves up Arabic learners from the entry level to an intermediate level. Moreover, TarkEasy is based on a new approach built upon long experience with non native Arabic learners. In fact, Arabic letters have such a complex structure which makes attaching letters together complex and confusing. For example, the same letter appears under different shapes depending on its positions in the word.

This is a downloadable and printable resource! One of the advantage: you can print as many worksheets as you need for your kids/students!


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