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Winter Arabic Flashcards and Sentence Strips (Arabic only and Ar-English)


Your kids/students will enjoy these Arabic Winter Flashcards and Sentence Strips from preschool age! They are based on our Winter story “With my Grandpa and my Grandma in the mountains“.

Several games are suggested from words to sentences (2 levels) to make the learners acquire the vocabulary, practice reading (for readers) and speak Arabic!

This resource is included in our WINTER BUNDLE.

  • Adapted to beginner readers and non-native speakers.
  • Daily-life & meaningful theme.

Read more details in the description below.

The Arabic Seeds‘ quality for you:

  • Vocabulary and sentences that can be re-used in real life.
  • Resource based on words and sentences from our Winter Arabic Story to give a meaningful and enjoyable context to the learners. Avoiding dry lists of vocabulary.
  • Arabic text with the vowels and more space between the Arabic letters.
  • Illustrated with our own hand-drawn illustrations and designed with a professional design software.

About the File:

  • 11-pages PDF (letter-sized)
  • Arabic-only and Arabic/English versions included.
  • For each version: 3 pages of illustrated flashcards and 2 pages of sentences strips.
  • Games suggestions included (2 levels, from words to sentences)

Members advantages:

  • Resource included in UNIT 6
  • Access to Videos related to the printable to listen to the right pronunciation and speak Arabic.

Not a member? Read more about the membership subscription here.

Happy Arabic learning & teaching!


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