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Are you struggling to find adapted, meaningful, engaging and High-Quality

Arabic Teaching Resources for your Kids or Students?

Are you tired of buying resources “for beginners” without the Arabic vowels

or with grammatical and spelling mistakes in the Arabic text?

 Are you feeling stuck, demotivated?…feeling that you can’t move towards the Arabic fluency with your kids?

Are you finding it difficult to make Arabic a loved and family language at home?

We hear you!

Our Mission - Arabic Seeds - Arabic Digital Resources

  • Spreading an Effective and Meaningful Learning from Early Childhood & a better Arabic Teaching:

We create adapted, needed, carefully proofread, high-quality Resources, usable by Parents (even non-native speakers), Homeschoolers and Teachers. 

We promote an effective approach exposing young kids to the whole language from baby age, making older children practice the 4 skills of the language (listening, speaking, reading, writing) through topics and contexts inspired by kids and real life.

  • Spreading the Love of Arabic & its Fluency among Families:

Through practical Tips (blog, social medias) and adapted Resources suitable from baby age, we encourage and help parents (native or non-native speakers) wanting to pass on Arabic to their kids. So they can instill the love of this language and raise an Arabic fluent family. 

Why choosing our Resources:


  • Carefully PROOFREAD resources!
  • VOWELS in the Arabic text: perfect for beginner readers and non-native speakers!
  • INSPIRED by Kids & Daily Life so learners can re-use what they learn in their own life!
  • We add other special features in more and more of our resources: translation, pronunciation record, higher spacing between Arabic letters.
  • Hand-drawn illustrations: the majority of our illustrations are hand-drawn by us! That makes our resources unique!


  • AFFORDABLE: we can set lower prices (compared to physical products) for you, so you get more and learn more.
  • ACCESSIBLE: we can easily reach you even if you live far away. We spread Arabic around the globe.
  • DURABLE: you can save and keep the files you get for your whole life.
  • GENEROUS: you can print the same file for all your kids in your home or for all your students in your class.

our story - Arabic Seeds

We founded “Arabic Seeds” in November 2015. Our various experiences as Arabic Teacher to non-native speakers, Arabic Adult Learner and Parents raising a bilingual child and living in a non-Arabic country are the motor of our project “Arabic Seeds”.

We were sad of finding Arabic spelling and grammatical mistakes in many Arabic resources out there! The non-native speaker of our team was frustrated of buying Arabic children Resources that were not adapted (no “harakaat”/”vowels” in the Arabic text, Arabic font difficult to read etc…); even resources saying they are”for beginners” and even when purchasing from stores selling products “for non-native speakers”…  

Through our blog, the non-native Arabic speaking Mum co-founder of this project, shares her tips in raising a child in Arabic, about practicing Arabic at home and about bilingualism and early language teaching approach. The experienced Arabic teacher of our team also publishes articles about Arabic teaching methodology. We also welcome special guests who share their Arabic teaching initiatives, experiences and more.

Feel free to contact us (click here)! We are here to help!

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